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How to Create Subtitles for a Video

Every video must have a subtitle. This is a way of introducing your work to the people before they get to watch the video. It is important for one to do this every time before you release your video.

You must make sure that the audio to text that you create will be the same with your content in the video. Meaning, you should not create something that is outside that video. Having a subtitle that is not relevant to the content in your video, might cause a lot of problems especially if the people who will listen and watch the video. You need to be smart in your work and give people something good.

Transcription will be easy if you know how to go about it all the time. Lack of knowledge on how to do this might lead you to more problems. Here we will help you with some guidelines on how to make the subtitles for your video.

You need to consider your sentences and fillers. Try as much as possible to come up with some complete sentences rather than fragments. Make sure that each sentence has a verb and a subject. You should also use the comas where necessary and in the right way. Make sure you do away with the fillers, side conversations, false starts, and any other sound or speech that is irrelevant to your transcript. And in case you restart your sentence with a speaker, you must use a double-dash as a way of indicating the break.

Check out the numbers that you use. You must spell out any single-digit number such as one, nine, and zero. Use the numerals when talking of all other numbers not forgetting of the fractions. When you are writing a four-digit number such as 1000, you must not use a comma. Visit this website at and know more about transcriptions.

When it comes to math, you must be cautious about this. If the ranges or the list spans numbers from zero to nine, together with any other number that is above ten, you need to be consistent across your list using the digits up to one million. For the decimals, you need to write it out just the way the speaker mentioned it together with the percentages. You must also not forget to spell out all the units the way they are.

When it comes to programming, you need to learn a few things. The HTML tags should be written between the backticks such as <b>, while the keyword should be written between backticks such as function.</b>

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